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"Discover sturdy, safe, and convenient Garden equipment for all ages and abilities! Explore the widest range of premium-built quality Play equipment at Contipro Industries"

We manufacture safe, durable and quality outdoor garden equipment that helps children have a good time playing outside.

about garden Equipment :

Be it a public park, society, resort, mall or school, garden equipment adds a magical charm to the life of every child! Children develop the physical, mental and social skillsets that lay the foundation of their life. We are committed to delivering environmentally-friendly garden equipment that conserves the environment alongside building healthier communities.

Garden Equipment

Contipro Industries is one of the most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of garden equipment in Maharashtra, with a PAN-India presence. All our products reflect the brand promise in terms of quality, features and colors that create an everlasting impression. We cater to all age groups with different design approaches aimed to fulfil different needs.

Delivering projects successfully as per the current market trends, we have evolved into a leading manufacturer of garden equipment in Maharashtra. We have made rapid progress over the years to brand ourselves as a trusted and progressive entity in the industry. With a state-of-the-art infrastructure backed by a team of expert professionals, Contipro Industries is aligned to the path of growth and success.
our product range

"Reaching out to every child in India"

CP-51 See Saw Single

CP-52 See Saw Double

CP-53 Duck Rider

CP-54 Pony Rider

CP-55 Six Seater Family Swing

CP-56 Two Seater Circular Swing

CP-57 Angular Swing - Double

CP-58 Arc Swing - Double

CP-60 Rocking Boat

CP-61 Loop Rung

CP-62 Balancing Beam

CP-63 Satellite Scrambler

CP-64 Circular Scrambler

CP-65 A to B Scrambler

CP-66 Funnel Scrambler

CP-67 Roller Slide (12ft)

CP-68 Senior Wave Slide (12ft)

CP-69 FRP Slide (6ft)

CP-70 FRP Standard Slide (12ft)

CP-71 Dish Meri-Go-Round

CP-72 Star Shape MGR

CP-73 Four-Seater MGR

CP-74 Four-Chair Model MGR

CP-75 Rainbow Climber

CP-76 Sunset Scrambler

CP-77 Snake Climber

CP-78 S Bridge

CP-79 Single Bar

CP-80 Double Bar

CP-81 Garden Bench

CP-82 Multi Play Equipment MPE1